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Do your employees do a good job answering the phone or do they miss calls often? When running a small business it may happen that nobody is able the answer on the ringing phone, especially during peak hours. In a shop where the staff is busy with customers who have scheduled the priority of the phone that is ringing may be lower. Losing customers this way is not what you want, especially not when you are running a shop that depends on appointments. All the effort that you took to make a person call your business is gone when you’re not picking up the phone in time. What a waste of your marketing dollars!  However, for the potential customer who evaluated and compared products and finally decides to call your shop for an appointment may decide to call elsewhere when they don’t receive an immediate response. Next, to that, 85% of unanswered calls will not call back and more than 75% of the people do not leave a voicemail.

In general, consumers are lazy and they don’t want to do too much effort when making an appointment at a barbershop or a pedicure. It needs to be possible for them to set an appointment easily and fast. So when they end up in your voicemail your chance is gone. Nowadays, we live in a time that encourages a culture of instant gratification and limited patience. So when potential customers can’t get in touch with you, they just search for an alternative. They feel disappointed in your brand if they are not able to set an appointment after all the research they did to come to a choice.

One of the options could be is calling back the numbers of the people who called in. Most of the time the employees don’t have the time to do that, and even if they have the time the chance of them picking up it little. Just think about the call. A voice call relies on the active participation of your client. When you call them they need to pick up their phone and otherwise they need to listen to their voicemail. Clients, especially those under 40 years, consider answering their phone calls as annoying.

So what is the solution? How do you catch the opportunities from missed calls that you miss at the moment? One way to get directly in contact with potential customers after you missed their calls is by automatically send them a message which provides them helpful information to still make an appointment. This could be an SMS with a question to them when they have time to come by this coming week or it includes a link to your website where they can make a reservation. How convenient would that be? You are now able to still keep the interaction going and ultimately get the customer to your shop. With the use of a virtual assistant like Jiaroo, it is possible to design a message that will directly be sent to the people who you couldn’t answer immediately. Get more leads and improve your opportunities to get more appointments.

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