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There are different aspects of customer service that are definitely going to change in the future, for example technical improvements are coming but also the value of customer service will change over time. In this article there will be talked about some definitive changes in the upcoming years in the customer service branch.

Bots and AI
Now don’t get me wrong, bots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) are already a fundamental part of customer service but this is not going to stop growing anytime soon. Bots nowadays are just a interaction method of already existing knowledge, which is still a very helpful tool for customer service. In the future however these bots will play a more crucial role in this segment. This technology will advance more and more and will likely be more smart than humans in the upcoming 10-20 years, actual humans will never disappear fully out of customer service but most likely a big part of this is going to be replaced by bots and their artificial intelligence technology.

Customer service will become more important than price and product

Studies say that 86% of people will pay more for good customer service and that 70% of buying experiences are based on how to customers feel how they’re treated. These are some impressive numbers which will only increase during the years because there will be smaller differences between product and prices and more in customer service. Use customer service as a key differentiator between your competitors because customer retention is easier and cheaper than gaining new customers.

More time for agents
Since in the future the bots and AI technology innovations will take over the repetitive tasks, which means  the agents have more time for personalized and complex customer service. This means there is better opportunities for personalized support which will be an enormous customer experience factor in the future. This means bots and humans will work very closely along each other to optimize the customer experience. It also means that there would be less jobs in customer service but this also has an upside, companies can be more “picky” when they are choosing their representatives which means they can make the best choices to fit their company’s needs.

Virtual reality
Virtual reality (VR) is a quite new and very interesting piece of technology. Probably  everyone has heard about it these days but no one quite sees the potential of it in customer service (yet). Troubleshooting is often done in a slow step by step process, which may be difficult for the customer to understand. But a VR interaction would stop this problem by being able for the customer to share what he/she sees and for the representative to show and highlight stuff that might improve the customer experience furthermore. Don’t forget that also the price of this product is dropping and the technology of it is innovating slowly but steady, before you know it we are living in a virtual reality customer service world and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

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