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Use a virtual assistant to increase your customer appointments

Do your employees do a good job answering the phone or do they miss calls often? When running a small business it may happen that nobody is able the answer on the ringing phone, especially during peak hours. In a shop where the staff is busy with customers who have scheduled the priority of the phone that is ringing may be lower. Losing customers this way is not what you want, especially not when you are running a shop that depends on appointments. All the effort that you took to make a person call your business is gone when you’re not picking up the phone in time. What a waste of your marketing dollars!  However, for the potential customer who evaluated and compared products and finally decides to call your shop for an appointment may decide to call elsewhere when they don’t receive an immediate response. Next, to that, 85% of unanswered calls will not call back and more than 75% of the people do not leave a voicemail.

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