Industry Insight

According to a Neustar (2018), outbound calls by businesses and contact centers continue to hold an important place in the customer experience lifecycle. It is estimated that 65% of people prefer to contact a business by a phone call versus 24% who prefer to fill out an online form. In addition to consumer behavior and preferences, it might be too much of a hassle as well as immensely costly for businesses to establish a contact center service.

Jiaroo makes it easier and more cost effective to tackle this issue. Through the use of its auto attendant solution businesses will be able to gain all of the benefits of a call center without any of the costs or hassles involved. How does Jiaroo achieve that? The platform has customization templates that initiate auto replies to the customer, chat messaging and comprehensive reporting functionality via the mobile app.

It also designed to reply to the customer via the original business phone number so that it does not look like it is from another number thus eliminating any possible customer confusion.

Jiaroo helps businesses take a proactive approach to customer service by bridging the communication gap between consumers and the correct point of contact in the business. Quality of service is not just about the product but about the whole customer experience. By enabling a more trusted call environment businesses will improve the efficiency of their operations, outbound contact rates and ultimately customer engagement.