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Relax, release and unwind. This is what you want to accomplish for your customers when running a massage salon. The atmosphere must be calm and relaxing when they enter your shop and take place on the massage table. The last thing you want is being interrupted by a phone call that damages that relaxing experience. Especially when you are having your own private salon it can be hard to manage your calls during your working hours.

While giving a massage to your client you’ll turn off your phone’s ringer, but what now when somebody calls to reschedule or cancel their booking. How are you dealing with the missed calls that you receive during the time that you are massaging your clients? Most of them don’t like to leave you a voicemail. This could be difficult for a massage therapist with a small salon which does not have enough resources for new personnel.

Getting in contact with your potential customers is valuable for your business. Thus, what is the next best thing to do with your missed calls? So with the help of Jiaroo you are now able to follow-up on them by sending an automatic message that you think is useful for them to still make the appointment or to cancel it. With their response to your SMS, you can still make it work. This will keep the atmosphere pleasant at your salon and your chances of missing business are being reduced. Download the Jiaroo app here and keep track of the missing calls you receive.

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