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SMS texting has been a convenient way for business to connect with their customers for a while now. Somehow there are still some businesses that don’t see the potential of this service so here I am summing up some of the best influences the SMS function made within the customer services and how it changed the way of business forever.

Let’s be real, in most cases we all prefer to text instead of making a phone call. This is just because it’s easier to do and you can do it whenever you want. It is also a fact that 95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes  this means that this is the fastest way to contact your customer directly, without any hassle.

Customer feedback

SMS can be used to get unbiased customer feedback, which makes it possible for your organization to improve your business. Research shows that only one in 26 people with a bad customer experience actually complain, the other 25 just go to different businesses. This is a very worrying statistic so getting customer feedback before anything goes wrong is crucial. SMS is a perfect way to get this information without the customer feeling awkward about telling the truth.


For example with our Jiaroo autoreply SMS system we set you up with a very good follow-up action. We use a customizable SMS template for the customer to receive after you missed a call and set you up to do any follow-up  action to the companies interests.

Let say a customer calls a shop, but every employee is busy so it goes to voicemail. This is when Jiaroo autoresponder immediately sends an automated SMS with a customizable message like: “Thanks for calling but hold on we will call you back as soon as possible!” After the manager finds out there was a missed call on his separate Jiaroo manager app he can start chatting with the customer or call him back.

Receiving SMS texts as a business
Most healthcare providers have already embraced the fact that people want to text their appointment details and not make a call over it. For either sides it is easier and cheaper to process the conversations. As a healthcare provider you are easier to engage by a customer and as a customer you would faster make an appointment which is in best interests for everyone.

Not only appointments can be made like this but also any other business that needs to be discussed is easily done by SMS texting.

SMS is an easy tool for businesses to send reminders of appointments or payments to their customers. It is not an uncommon thing for customers to forget one of the appointments they made or to forget about some payment they should have made this month. SMS could help with this to remind everyone when they missed a deadline or when they are about to miss one.

People always have their smartphone in their hand, it is time to make use of this and differentiate as a company in comfort and convenience with SMS services.

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