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We all know that customer service is important but especially for startups or SME’s this could be a crucial factor in your success. These are some tips that might turn your customer around from having a complaint to leaving you a good review after handling the situation well.

Personalize every response
You might think this is not as important as it seems but fact is that customers feel a closer connection with a certain brand if they know the name and the function of the people that are helping them solve issues.

Adding your function to a customer support ticket response might have not much of an impact you would think but imagine, getting a response from a ‘CEO’, this would give the customer a good feeling because he would know that the CEO is busy with a lot of stuff but ALSO has time for YOUR issue. Personalizing your customer support issues might just give the customer that warm feeling of being heard and might not hesitate to recommend your company to its friends.

Make customer service one of your priority services
Seriously, this should definitely be in your company DNA, involve all your employees to make sure customer support is one of their priorities. Schedule company meetings to discuss customer feedback and implement it in your company services because preventing is always better than curing. Make sure you or one of your employees schedules some time every day to answer customer service tickets because nobody wants to wait longer than half a day on an email response.

Optimize customer support calls
If a customer calls your office you don’t want to let them wait for long to resolve their issue. It might even get worse when you miss their call because you or your employees are not in the office, if you miss your customers call it might mean they will go to your competitor or leave a bad review. This is why Jiaroo designed their app to make sure you auto respond to a missed call which gives your customer a feeling of getting heard and not the feeling of being ignored. While the Jiaroo autoresponder reacts to your worrying customer you can have a SMS chat conversation with the customer while you research for a solution and call him back with good news!

Find your most effective medium
For some companies a social media customer support service is sufficient enough to handle most of the customer complaints, it is always worth it to create an account and keep an eye out for any complaints which are solvable by just a tweet. The social media medium also increases response time which is always a big factor for customers to stay at your company.
For other companies an e-mail account or a telephone number is sufficient for complaints. Posting a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on your website, based on previous customer questions might also prevent any customer complications in the future.

Think about your future
Customer retention is easier and cheaper than gaining new customers, make sure you keep this in mind at all times with every customer complaint. For consumers, customer service will be more important than price and product in 2020 this means that investing in customer support is definitely not a bad plan for your beginning business. Happy customers will tell around 9 friends about their good experience  but angry customers gossip more and tell around 16 people about their bad experience, this is a very high price to pay for a bad customer experience.

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