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As customer service becomes more and more important for every business, we will take a look at how this is developing specified to chatbots. Over the years chatbots have become much more important for all businesses and it doesn’t look like it will stop growing over time.

What are chatbots?
You probably know this already but let us explain it real quick for the people that are not familiar with chatbots. So basically a chatbot is a piece of robot software that is used to imitate human conversation through text chat and voice commands. Most of these chatbots are used for customer service purposes or reservations for hotels or different simple tasks. Chatbots have been around for some time but have been developing very quickly over the last few years. The first ever chatbot has been made in 1950!

The demand is growing
According to a survey conducted by Aspect 49% percent of consumer would like to have all customer service interactions via text, chat or messaging. Millennials also said texting was the most effective communication option when engaging with a company, which means the future is all about text & chat so if you don’t have a chatbot just yet, it is definitely time to start looking into it. In Aspects study there is also shown that already 69% of consumers have had interaction with a virtual assistant or a chatbot in the last month.

Easy to use
People these days want to have easier and easier options to contact customer service, they don’t want to grab a phone and wait on the customer service hotline for 10 minutes anymore, they want immediate responses and help. Besides immediate help the customer still wants to have some sort of personality or sort of human responses in their customer service journey, this is where the development of the chatbots has been focusing on lately. Personalizing help is still an important factor in this segment and that is where the development of the chatbot has been excelling lately. In the future most customers won’t even be able to tell the difference between chatbot and human apart.

Messaging apps
Chatbots are not only found on websites or webshops but are also an important tool for businesses to be online 24/7. This can be done by chatbot apps that for example react on missed calls of customers. A good example is our own Jiaroo virtual assistant which makes businesses available to be called every day of the week, 24 hours a day. Apps like this keep the line between chatbot and human interaction very thin because an auto response of our chatbot will set the conversation up for the human, which is exactly what customers want these days. Every message can be personalized which makes it very convenient for the users to remain the personal touch that customers want.

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