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A virtual assistant is a digital agent that performs tasks or services for an individual. Another term that is often used to refer to virtual assistants is ‘chatbot’. As a business, you can choose to let a chatbot take over certain simple tasks because it is able to interact with humans in a human way. The use of a virtual assistant is especially convenient for the customer support of a small business. Once a client is unsatisfied it is hard to change that attitude. So you should take every opportunity to deliver a great customer experience. Here are 4 reasons why virtual assistants are beneficial to your business:

Rapid interaction

One of the most obvious benefits of a chatbot is the immediate response they deliver to clients. For optimizing the customer experience this is still one of the most vital aspects. Customers simply don’t like to wait when they need help. Chatbots could play an important role in this because they are able to deliver the information customers demand instantly. In fact, 83% of online shoppers need support during shopping on the web. A chatbot is like the online salesperson that is normally helping people in the real store. It is able to provide the right support when the customer needs it.

Increased customer engagement

In social media marketing, the goal is to generate more sales by letting people engage with your brand. With the help of a virtual assistant, a better engagement with customers can be realized. A chatbot will only provide relevant data to customers based on the input they give, which attracts the customer to respond to it. This adds on to the engagement generated by social media marketing, which eventually will lead to more revenue for your business.

Save money

Hiring someone to be responsible for customer support is hardly ever a cheap affair. Next to that, human boundaries limit people to communicate with one or two people at the same time. Communicating with more than this would be extremely difficult for an employee. A chatbot, on the other hand, is able to remove this old-age problem. It is possible to communicate with thousands of customers at the same time.

In general, a chatbot is way cheaper than hiring a new employee and its capacity to deal with questions or complaints is way bigger. This has a big influence on your expenses and it will bring more growth to the customer satisfaction.

Available 24/7

Instant gratification is something important for the younger generations nowadays. When customers end up in a queue after they called your company they are easily getting frustrated if they need to wait for too long. A virtual assistant gives you the opportunity to directly get in contact with your clients. Furthermore, these virtual robots never get tired and they constantly continue to follow your demands. Even after a year of work you do not have to be afraid that it will demand a break or call in sick.

Not to mention that a virtual assistant is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. How often does it happen that customers try to contact you after opening hours? The problem of missing those business opportunities can be solved with a virtual assistant at your side.

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